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Taurians are brutes with the heads of bulls, famous primarily for toughness and strength, as well as their love for various rough games.

They are raised to be perfect, muscled machines of pain and pleasure and have a special fondness for stretching. They can assist a contortion student for hours without getting bored, in the end taking a great pride in the flexible masterpieces that they create out of the bodies of the students. They like to think of themselves as sculptors but working with oiled bodies instead of clay, and you can see them being very proud of their "creations".

Taurians are very tough and they worship pain as a way to make them even stronger. Between lovers they mostly enjoy games that are challenging and take a lot of bravery and stamina, but only by mutual agreement... Between themselves taurians specially enjoy trampling, and their muscled abs are often forged by hours of belly-punching practice with their beloved.

Brutal as they are, taurians love fights but since they see themselves as a civilized society, they try to contain all fights within the Arena. It's usually a taurian against a foreigner or foreigners who wish to test their combat skills in a civilized, stylish way. The opponents fight until one side gives up - as a reward the other side is allowed to do whatever they want with the loser's body to the rest of the day.

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