Survival of the Fittest

Life is strange? Wait, that's a dif­fer­ent game... XD Here is a fa­nart of El­lie from The Last of Us! :3

"So..." the man sighed with a deep re­lief. "What are you go­ing to do now?"

"I... I don't know? Maybe..." mum­bled El­lie... and then sud­den­ly re­al­ized some­thing, star­ing at Joel. "Maybe run off to the cir­cus? Be­come a con­tor­tion­ist like I dreamed?"

"Oh," the man rolled his eyes at her. "Hurts my back just think­ing about it... You?" he looked up and down at the sub­tle frame of the ju­nior.

"Why not?" the girl smiled. "Noth­ing com­pared to what I've been through."

"Right..." Joel mut­tered.

This is a lit­tle gift to my dear friend Aldric, thanks for show­ing me The Last of Us! ^3^

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