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Su­per­vol­cano is a re­al hell­rais­er, know­ing noth­ing be­side bring­ing max­i­mum pain and de­struc­tion. And on­ly her vast un­der­ground dun­geons can hold this cru­elest mis­tress busy for a few cen­turies.

There are very few Su­per­vol­canos in the world but erup­tion of any of them is able to de­stroy the hu­man civ­i­liza­tion as we know it to­day. For ex­am­ple the Yel­low­stone Su­per­vol­cano is ca­pa­ble of cov­er­ing the skies in grey all over the plan­et for decades to come, caus­ing dra­mat­ic cli­mat­ic changes that leave few places in the world suit­able for liv­ing.

For mil­len­nia peo­ple have been known for sac­ri­fic­ing their finest boys and girls to their near­by Su­per­vol­cano in hope to hold her busy in her tor­ture cham­bers for just a few more years. It's hard to say if the same prac­tices are car­ried out to­day but since the Yel­low­stone has been con­sis­tent­ly calm, there has to be some se­cret sex slave de­liv­ery pact be­tween her and the gov­ern­ment, who knows?

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