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A rather old pho­to tak­en ran­dom­ly at Stu­dio Origa­mi in Tech­nic­ca. Many tal­ent­ed youths, but this kid was re­al­ly amaz­ing, you could lit­er­al­ly fold him sev­er­al times and put in your pock­et XD Ad­vanced tech­nolo­gies re­al­ly do make it pos­si­ble for al­most every­body to learn con­tor­tion, but even to­day some kids can bend like no­body else!!

There's been a lot of talk late­ly about ar­ti­fi­cial spinal columns, the spine be­ing one of the last few or­gans that the sci­ence still hasn't learned to re­place. Be­cause of all the spec­u­la­tions, many crit­ics have been try­ing to de­grade con­tor­tion­ism, their point be­ing that very soon every hu­man body will be flex­i­ble enough to fold like that, so what's the point of pay­ing con­tor­tion­ists for the show?

But hon­est­ly, it feels like even then, when any ran­dom per­son in the world will be able to sit on their own shoul­ders, con­tor­tion­ists would still find a way to do some­thing that no­body could re­peat... One can on­ly won­der what the ex­treme con­tor­tions of the fu­ture will look like but it will be def­i­nite­ly some­thing with some­thing on the top!

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