Still dreaming

One day when I was a kid, I woke up and sud­den­ly dis­cov­ered what in­cred­i­ble things I could do with my body! I could jump on the spot, arch­ing back­wards in the air, and my feet would touch the back of my head so eas­i­ly. I even went to show that to my grand­ma who as al­ways tried to stop me from do­ing con­tor­tion be­cause she thought I'd break my­self in two pieces.

I went fur­ther and fur­ther test­ing these su­per­pow­ers that I sud­den­ly pos­sessed out of the blue. I couldn't be­lieve how far I could bend and twist my body and I got all sweaty of the ten­sion, go­ing through all these ex­per­i­ments with my­self... I just couldn't fig­ure out where this much flex­i­bil­i­ty sud­den­ly came from!! I was sooo ex­cit­ed that my mind didn't want to think clear­ly.

On­ly af­ter a long while I re­al­ized I was still in my bed, sleep­ing and dream­ing. But I re­mem­bered this dream for my whole life...

Based on a re­al dream.

Any­way, Alex­ey is so amaz­ing!! I don't know if he could do this, but I'm sure he'd get very close if he tried ^_^

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