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The Human Sponge!?

Every kid wants to become someone when he grows up. Robert Pants always dreamed to become a sponge!

"Squishy things always hypnotized me, ever since I was this tiny I'd instantly get excited about every soft thing I could lay my fingers on! I didn't realize that much about bones back then and always tried to make my body softer, trying to pack into buckets and things like that.

I always asked mom if I could wash the dishes because that meant having fun with the sponge and turning ugly and dirty into shiny and beautiful! And then I'd go to my friend Patrick and wash all his dishes too! I also loved to stretch my legs and my back but my belly was really something that kept me busy for hours!"

Robert has a huge collection of plushies and the softest bed and pillows he could find. All that helps to have funny dreams about himself being a talking sponge and living underwater with his friend Patrick, whom he admires for the large squishy belly.

"I always wanna grow some fat myself but because there are tons of things I love to do with my body, and I just can't stop myself from doing so many things, so in the end all my calories just get burned too quickly! And I can't even stuff myself enough because of the tight belt I always wear when I'm not doing bellydance or contortion..."

Yes, life is tough. It's difficult to do everything by yourself and that's why you have best friends. Friends who can grow enough fat for both of you and share it for your mutual enjoyment.

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