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Soot sleeps in­side hous­es of ran­dom peo­ple and let's be hon­est, Soot can be a re­al bitch to clean. Good luck if you want to get rid of Soot!

Well, Soot ac­tu­al­ly doesn't have much pos­i­tive to be said about it, it most­ly tends to form in chim­neys con­nect­ed to fire­places, for a while it's pret­ty harm­less but a large de­posit col­lect­ed in­side a chim­ney can ig­nite and cre­ate a chim­ney fire. Hot stuff, but al­so pret­ty dan­ger­ous.

So even though it's gen­er­al­ly use­less and even harm­ful (long-term ex­po­sure to air pol­lu­tion con­tain­ing Soot in­creas­es the risk of dis­ease), still we can't de­ny Soot is re­al­ly hot, in fact Soot is the­o­rized to be sec­ond-largest cause of glob­al warm­ing.

Need­less to say no­body wants Soot, but al­most every­one who has to keep their vil­lage hous­es warm has to deal with it soon­er or lat­er. But oh well, every­one's trash is al­ways some­one's trea­sure, per­haps there is some great use for Soot that is yet to be dis­cov­ered...

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