Sons of Thorvald: The Epic Saga

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Part I: Thor­vald's Youth

Once up­on a time, there was Thor­vald Thor­valds­son, a young man who lived in an old vil­lage whose peo­ple were well known for their un­break­able sp...spir­its. In this vil­lage con­tor­tion has been an old tra­di­tion, en­joyed by many and passed from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion among those who prac­ticed it.

A very very long time ago, this vil­lage was found­ed around a sa­cred shrine of Sveig­ja, the god­dess who was be­lieved to have giv­en peo­ple the knowl­edge of how to re­lax their back mus­cles af­ter a day of hard work. It's be­cause of her gift that peo­ple were able to do hard work day af­ter day with­out get­ting ex­haust­ed and keep their bod­ies feel­ing young and ag­ile.

"Some­where in Midgard
There was an old yard,
Be­long­ing to Sveig­ja
The god­dess of bendies;
Peo­ple ap­proached it,
And built a vil­lage,
No longer lone­ly
Was the One and On­ly."

The shrine in the mid­dle of the vil­lage has al­ways been the cen­ter for all cel­e­bra­tions. It was be­lieved that it's the god­dess who keeps the spir­its of the vil­lagers so high that there's al­ways good har­vest and very low al­co­hol con­sump­tion ra­tio, so prais­ing the god­dess was a hon­or­able deed.

For a long time Thor­vald was one of the boys who per­formed con­tor­tion at fes­ti­vals ded­i­cat­ed to Sveig­ja as it was con­sid­ered a very faith­ful way of wor­ship­ping her, not to men­tion that he loved his con­tor­tions to no end and al­ways thought of it as a bless­ing, to be born in this vil­lage, as he knew that con­tor­tion was seen as very un­com­mon in all oth­er vil­lages and their vil­lage was quite unique for it...

Part II: Of Set­ting Up The Busi­ness

But one day his prac­tice was stopped as young Thor­vald was re­cruit­ed to be­come a sol­dier. He spent sev­er­al years in the bar­racks, which turned him in­to an ex­pe­ri­enced city guard. When he got back home he was in his 30s and had al­ready long lost every­thing he gained as a child, con­tor­tion-wise.

"By twist­ing and bend­ing
Thor­vald in­spired,
But there was an end­ing:
He, too, re­tired;
In Thor's hon­or
He gained new skills,
A whole new pro­fes­sion
Helped pay­ing his bills."

Yes, dur­ing the mil­i­tary train­ing he al­so gained skills as a black­smith and up­on his re­turn he opened a small smithy for the needs of the vil­lage. Back when he was a kid his vil­lage of­ten lacked nails and many tools were get­ting very old and rusty. They al­ways had to use the ser­vices of a near­by vil­lage's black­smith so the vil­lagers were very hap­py to hear Thor­vald's de­ci­sion.

Af­ter open­ing the busi­ness, he mar­ried a beau­ti­ful blond girl named In­ga whom he couldn't stop lov­ing day and night and so very short­ly his three sons were born, one af­ter an­oth­er: Bjorn (21 years old in the mid­dle of the pic­ture), Leif (19 years old on the left side) and Eirik (18 years old on the right side).

"Bjorn got born,
Leif gained life,
Eirik was here
And so was Thor­vald's wife;
Thor­vald re­joiced
Look­ing at his brood,
He'd had a great time
As he'd con­clude."

So Thor­vald Thor­valds­son's life changed a lot since the days of his youth and he was now rais­ing his sons, prepar­ing them to in­her­it his house and the smithy one day. He al­most said good­bye to yes­ter­day and he nev­er imag­ined that one day his son Leif, the dark haired young man who looked like a copy of his fa­ther back in the days, would al­so be­come in­ter­est­ed in con­tor­tion­ism...

Part III: Of Leif And Eirik

Leif al­ways had the char­ac­ter and pas­sion of his fa­ther for every­thing. His fa­ther want­ed him to be­come a black­smith one day be­cause Leif was al­ways very in­ter­est­ed in his work and al­ways watched him in the smithy, but it did not sur­prise the fa­ther ei­ther when his son be­came so cu­ri­ous about con­tor­tion.

Then Thor­vald told his son the sto­ry of his child­hood, about the years that were still dear to him, and even though young Leif couldn't be­lieve that his mas­sive fa­ther once used to be a slen­der and lithe con­tor­tion­ist, but he was very hon­ored to hear the sto­ry and made up his mind to re-dis­cov­er and fol­low his fa­ther's long lost steps.

His fa­ther will­ing­ly start­ed to help him with the train­ing. He con­struct­ed a small sauna next to the smithy, where they could ex­er­cise every evening. The youngest broth­er Eirik al­so joined them on the first day of train­ing and was very ex­cit­ed by the whole idea.

Eirik was on­ly busy with keep­ing the house and the yard clean and tak­ing cake of their lit­tle gar­den. So he had a lot of free time and would of­ten run off to watch the per­form­ing boys near the Sveig­ja's shrine. Some­thing al­ways at­tract­ed him to the god­dess and her shrine. He loved the un­usu­al way in which she was be­ing wor­shipped, but he could nev­er dream that con­tor­tion would one day be­come part of his life as well.

Af­ter their train­ing start­ed, he put his heart in­to keep­ing the sauna an al­ways clean and love­ly place and mak­ing sure it's ready for the in­tense prac­tice every evening.

"Prophe­cies told
Of a boy to be born
Who'd bend his body
Like a ram's horn;
Many days passed
Chang­ing many Suns,
The rare bird was found
Among Thor­vald's sons."

So to every­one's sur­prise Eirik al­so proved to be the bendi­est of the broth­ers, and over time sur­passed the en­tire vil­lage, so it was of­ten told that the boy was blessed by the god­dess her­self. Leif was very close but it took him a lot of ded­i­ca­tion to keep up with the progress of his younger broth­er, who in­deed al­ways seemed to have been blessed...

Part IV: Of Bjorn The Wood­cut­ter

The old­er broth­er, Bjorn, who's de­pict­ed in the mid­dle, might seem small­er in the pic­ture due to the ef­fect of per­spec­tive dis­tor­tion... That aside, he is the old­est of them and, be­ing the wood­cut­ter he is, he is ac­tu­al­ly the most broad-shoul­dered and man­ly-look­ing among the broth­ers. As they al­ways need a lot of wood for the smithy, Bjorn's po­si­tion in the fam­i­ly is well re­spect­ed.

Bjorn helped to build the sauna and al­so re­al­ly loved watch­ing his younger broth­ers get­ting trained and would come to watch every day. The way their tor­sos bent re­mind­ed him of his beloved trees and how their trunks bend to the wind. De­spite be­ing a wood­cut­ter, he loved trees on many lev­els: he loved their beau­ty and he loved how much they help men every sin­gle day in their lives, so for every tree he cut he al­ways plant­ed sev­er­al new ones and took care of their growth.

So watch­ing con­tor­tion pleased him to no end and he even learned a cou­ple of bendy moves him­self, al­though he didn't want to get in his broth­ers' way, he re­al­ly en­joyed watch­ing how they com­pete with each oth­er, get­ting more and more skilled as the time pass­es by...

Part V: Af­ter­word

I'm sor­ry if this saga was a lit­tle too long but I re­al­ly en­joyed writ­ing it as well as work­ing on this pic­ture ^-^ I want­ed to make some­thing about baths and con­tor­tion for a long time and I'm very hap­py with how this pic­ture turned out ^-^

Thank you so much for look­ing/read­ing and I hope you en­joyed this pic­ture and sto­ry... ^_^

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