Snow Leopard Sven

Sto­ry by Wahn

It was a qui­et ear­ly sum­mer night, with the sun al­ready hav­ing set and the first stars ap­pear­ing in the sky above Sup­ple­ham, when some­thing ex­tra­or­di­nary hap­pened. On an emp­ty field of grass out­side the city, the qui­et of the night was sud­den­ly in­ter­rupt­ed by the faint notes of a cal­liope play­ing one of the typ­i­cal tunes of a wan­der­ing cir­cus. Then an eye-blink lat­er, a man ap­peared from thin air, much un­like the in­hab­i­tants of the world around him. Dressed in a black suit with a red coat, a top-hat set on his head, the proud an­thro tiger stroked his whiskers and looked around, tak­ing in the city ly­ing qui­et­ly be­fore him. A smile spread over the cir­cus ring­mas­ter's face as he saw a new place for his troupe to per­form, bring­ing joy and won­der to yet an­oth­er world.

"This will do just fine," he said to him­self, then gripped to walk­ing stick in his hand more tight­ly and tapped its end on the ground. Out of the emp­ty air, a large cir­cus tent phased in­to be­ing, ris­ing to proud heights and with bright­ly col­ored lit­tle flags flap­ping in the sud­den­ly ris­ing wind. Lights and mu­sic came with it, il­lu­mi­nat­ing the sud­den­ly ap­peared struc­ture and beck­on­ing the in­hab­i­tants of the near­by city with their haunt­ing tunes. Turn­ing to walk through the en­trance of the larce cir­cus tent, he passed un­der the large ban­ner read­ing "Mon­ty's Trav­el­ling Ex­trav­a­gan­za and Cir­cus", then called out, "Look live­ly peo­ple, our first au­di­ence in this place will be here soon..."

Sven be­longs to Wahn ©

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