Un­like Bliz­zard, Snow ac­tu­al­ly IS white and fluffy, in­stead of just pre­tend­ing to be.

Snow is def­i­nite­ly one of the soft­est things in the world, even beat­ing Sand in that. Alas, it's ex­act­ly the op­po­site of Sand when it comes to warmth, Snow can on­ly live in cold cli­mates.

If the sur­face tem­per­a­tures warm above 32°F / 0°C, Snow touch­ing the sur­face will warm and be­gin to melt, turn­ing in­to Wa­ter. Un­for­tu­nate­ly, it's just cold Wa­ter and will need a lot of fur­ther heat­ing be­fore it gets hot and pleas­ant again.

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Char­ac­ter used with the own­er's per­mis­sion.

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