Shoelaces on Fire

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Shoelaces on Fire

I must say Beltimore is very beautiful at night. Not so much during the day when you see all the dirt of the roughlands. But the darkness and flames change the picture completely, turning it into a magical show!

But I guess the most magical part is the dancers. By tradition, Beltimore is very proud of its "belted dance" originating from the times of the great starvation when people here had to wear tight belts...

Tonight's show is completely stolen by the beautiful boy wearing nearly nothing at all and dancing in front of a ring of fire. His only prop is the shoelaces, the regular ones but one of them is wrapped so tightly around his tiny waist that it's enough to have everyone's eyes glued to his body!!

I've rarely seen a waist that small, but what truly amazes me is how freely his hips move despite the severe restriction! I keep watching, hypnotized for such a long time that in the end it's a bit embarassing to leave without a small donation. But the pretty boy earned it.

- Erika
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