Shoelace Party WIP

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Shoelace Party

Snowberia sure has the coldest weather ever, but some of the hottest girls to compensate! But tonight all the houses are full up and all the big boobs are taken, so I have to share the bed with a couple of sweet boys instead.

One of them looks completely local, dressed as a shaman, the other looks almost out of place, he's dressed up like the locals but looks more like a southern summoner, those who usually take care of the imps around Vulcania.

"We met during the cataclysm last year, a lot of mages had to unite their powers to balance out the snowlands and the desert. But we got so close in the end that the real challenge was to say goodbye. It's been a year now that we're struggling to do that, hehe..."

We finally reach their house as they tell me the story. It's really, really warm inside. All the fluffy furs are off and I stand there mesmerized by the beauty of their bodies! No wonder they can't stop enjoying each other's wasped waists and rounded bellies!

After the warm welcome in bed, I sleep and have the most spectacular dream about some congregation of young magicians in a temple, all the boys and girls have tight belts on their waists and endlessly chant some incantations, then the sunrise comes and licks their naked bodies and I can see way too clearly that instead of the belts they have complete gaps between their chests and bellies, their upper halves pretty much levitating above their lower halves...

"Hey cutie, time to wake up. We noticed you enjoy them wasped waists so much that we agreed to give you a little gift. This shoelace is made of magical northern fibres and soaked in some rare southern potions. Our latest joint invention! Just wear it and don't pull too hard, it will tighten by itself over time. I'm sure you'll enjoy the result!"

- Erika
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