Shinobi Kid

Nankot­su is one of the old­est nin­ja clans in Tatamizu, pro­vid­ing spies and as­sas­sins for at least 400 years. The clan de­rives its name from the spe­cif­ic way of train­ing the mem­bers re­ceive and things they're ca­pa­ble of do­ing.

Kids are usu­al­ly pur­chased from poor farm­ers at a very young age and then stretched dai­ly to in­crease their pain re­sis­tance and flex­i­bil­i­ty to the point where all of their bones seem to be made of car­ti­lage, which in fact gave the name to Nankot­su (lit. soft bone/car­ti­lage) Clan.

The spe­cial train­ing tech­niques make their bod­ies se­mi-im­mune to pain, mak­ing them ef­fec­tive spies be­cause even if they get caught (which ac­tu­al­ly al­most nev­er hap­pens), it would be phys­i­cal­ly im­pos­si­ble to make them talk as their bod­ies would soon­er die from the dam­age tak­en than they would re­veal any in­for­ma­tion as they have this spe­cial abil­i­ty to ig­nore the pain sig­nals from the nerves. This abil­i­ty is pol­ished dai­ly dur­ing the train­ing and demon­strat­ed every evening to in­spire younger trainees and en­ter­tain in­vit­ed guests and clients.

They can use the flex­i­bil­i­ty gained from the train­ing to squeeze through the small­est holes in build­ings and hide them­selves in the least not­i­ca­ble places while spy­ing on their tar­gets. This abil­i­ty is es­pe­cial­ly ef­fec­tive while they're still young and tiny, so the kids are trained to be lim­ber and quick but to avoid en­e­my sol­diers at all costs be­cause they sim­ply wouldn't be strong enough to fight yet. If they man­age to sur­vive to the age of 14-15 as sim­ple spies, they're pro­mot­ed to as­sas­sins, and trained to use a va­ri­ety of weapons. As­sas­sins al­so grow long hair and of­ten bleach it, though that's some­thing for an­oth­er pic­ture ^^

Like I was say­ing, well-trained spies would of­ten have to demon­strate their skills to younger kids, and usu­al­ly sev­er­al high Yakuza boss­es are in­vit­ed to see the show as well, so that the po­ten­tial clients can see the ad­van­tages of the Nankot­su tech­niques. The cru­el Yakuza chiefs are usu­al­ly very pleased with the things they get to see dur­ing such demon­stra­tions and would of­ten sign the con­tracts im­me­di­ate­ly.

So this is young spy Kage­maru a.k.a. Kage-chan, get­ting his back flex­i­bil­i­ty pol­ished by his Mas­ter ^^;

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