Shibari­maru is an el­ven as­sas­sin from the clan Nankot­su, which means "car­ti­lage", re­fer­ring to the fo­cus on flex­i­bil­i­ty train­ing of its stu­dents.

Just a bendy trainee in the past, he pro­gressed to the po­si­tion of the clan's for­mal leader, and since it's the rul­ing clan, Shibari­maru can be pret­ty much seen as the prince of his king­dom, though in re­al­i­ty he's mere­ly a shad­ow of the true leader whose iden­ti­ty is un­known.

As his name sug­gests, his main hob­by is shibari, the art of bind­ing the body with tight ropes and cords to cre­ate beau­ti­ful pat­terns, quite arous­ing to wear too, be­cause of the pres­sure they pro­vide on many eroge­nous zones... >.< con­cu­bine... eroge­nous zoooone... loose woman... *splash­es a buck­et on self* Oh I beg your par­don XD

The ide­al shibari is so tight against the skin that it caus­es no fric­tion and thus cre­ates no bruis­es, but that's the lev­el of the mas­ters and he's still on the way there.

Be­sides his hob­by and du­ties, he al­so takes care of a cou­ple of sub­or­di­nates: his dou­ble-joint­ed girl­friend Ku­raya­mi and the nin­ja boy Kage­maru whom he's plan­ning to make his per­son­al body­guard in the fu­ture.

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