Shani's College Years

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As a child, Shani was very fond of the mu­sic and danc­ing lessons she was tak­ing but her par­ents want­ed her to be a suc­cubus. In the sav­age Ti­ta­nia, on­ly weak­lings like imps would serve as mere dancers, while those with the blood of dev­ils in them were ex­pect­ed to push them­selves a lit­tle fur­ther than that.

For imps, the on­ly op­por­tu­ni­ty in Ti­ta­nia was to learn to dance, play an in­stru­ment and such things, but such jobs were al­ways un­der­paid and re­quired in­ad­e­quate amount of tal­ent. Few fam­i­lies would want their kids to end up like that when they grow up, and sure­ly Shani's par­ents didn't want to see her in the mar­ket­place danc­ing for food, so they in­sist­ed that she must en­ter a col­lege.
In the col­lege Shani was on her way to be­com­ing a yet an­oth­er suc­cubus, she even re­ceived the Soul-Suck­ing Award once, but still al­ways com­plained she's un­hap­py be­cause she didn't get to learn any­thing in­ter­est­ing, but still couldn't bring her­self to de­fy her par­ents. She stud­ied in the col­lege for about 4 se­mes­ters un­til she was like "bump that crap!" There was no po­et­ry in it, she al­ways dreamed to be a dancer, not a soul-suck­er.

It de­pressed her that all her hard work mak­ing her­self look sexy was de­grad­ed to a mere means to se­duce some­one to be able to suck his soul. She want­ed to dance and be loved, she want­ed to in­spire some­one and be some­one's muse, not a mere suc­cubus!

Soul-suck­ing was so bor­ing. Of course, some­times it was nice and sure tast­ed good but she wasn't sure if she liked the af­ter­taste, though...

But one day their col­lege got a new train­er of ath­let­ics and con­tor­tion, named Akhkharu. He was a gor­geous red-haired dev­il, rather young look­ing, mus­cled, with those won­der­ful, big, curly horns... and such strong but care­ful hands that pushed her body be­yond the lim­its but on­ly made her crave for more...

For the next 2 se­mes­ters she'd main­ly go to the col­lege to see him and while she was most­ly en­joy­ing his touch­es, she didn't even no­tice how flex­i­ble she be­came, she sure loved spread­ing her legs for him and her over­splits al­ready mea­sured over 270 de­grees.

Luck­i­ly, the col­lege didn't re­strict re­la­tion­ships be­tween teach­ers and stu­dents be­cause the fi­nal ex­ams were per­formed by a spe­cial com­mit­tee and not by the same teacher who taught the stu­dent.

And so the two be­came a cou­ple and planned to make a ba­by right af­ter Shani grad­u­ates.

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