Shani's College Years

All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. As a child, Shani was very fond of the music and dancing lessons she was taking but her parents wanted her to be a succubus. In the savage Titania, only weaklings like imps would serve as mere dancers, while those with the blood of devils in them were expected to push themselves a little further than that.

For imps, the only opportunity in Titania was to learn to dance, play an instrument and such things, but such jobs were always underpaid and required inadequate amount of talent. Few families would want their kids to end up like that when they grow up, and surely Shani's parents didn't want to see her in the marketplace dancing for food, so they insisted that she must enter a college.
In the college Shani was on her way to becoming a yet another succubus, she even received the Soul-Sucking Award once, but still always complained she's unhappy because she didn't get to learn anything interesting, but still couldn't bring herself to defy her parents. She studied in the college for about 4 semesters until she was like "bump that crap!" There was no poetry in it, she always dreamed to be a dancer, not a soul-sucker.

ShaniIt depressed her that all her hard work making herself look sexy was degraded to a mere means to seduce someone to be able to suck his soul. She wanted to dance and be loved, she wanted to inspire someone and be someone's muse, not a mere succubus!

Soul-sucking was so boring. Of course, sometimes it was nice and sure tasted good but she wasn't sure if she liked the aftertaste, though...

But one day their college got a new trainer of athletics and contortion, named Akhkharu. He was a gorgeous red-haired devil, rather young looking, muscled, with those wonderful, big, curly horns... and such strong but careful hands that pushed her body beyond the limits but only made her crave for more...

Shani's Infernal WorkoutFor the next 2 semesters she'd mainly go to the college to see him and while she was mostly enjoying his touches, she didn't even notice how flexible she became, she sure loved spreading her legs for him and her oversplits already measured over 270 degrees.

Luckily, the college didn't restrict relationships between teachers and students because the final exams were performed by a special committee and not by the same teacher who taught the student.

And so the two became a couple and planned to make a baby right after Shani graduates.

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