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Shani's Twins

Succubus gives birth to two adorable twins as part of her project at the Demonic College!

Shani is actively studying at the demon college to become the perfect succubus! It was finally that time when the student is supposed to get a huge practice, so she had to choose the project...

Luckily, being a girl the best choice was almost obvious, why not give a birth? After all it's one guaranteed way to boost the body's curves!

The project sure was huge and took a whole year, but made use of everything she learned before. First, her seduction skills helped to obtain the perfect male seed, so perfect in fact that all of a sudden she got two babies for the price of one XD

After nine months of pregnancy, Shani was finally able to gather the fruits of all her efforts! Not only the twins on her chest levelled up to the next cup, but the twins in her belly trained her bowels to be soft like a cushion and then left her abdomen so hollow that she was instantly able to try the tiny corset she only dreamed to wear!

Shani's profs were quite impressed with the transformation and she finally got her first succubus certificate, allowing her to work legally in the human world as her body was now perfect for the job XD

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