Secret Garden

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"Wow, the world spread­ing out with­in my dreams is the last Se­crét Gardén..." (Gackt)

Wow, I haven't drawn this char­ac­ter in...years?? *///* So yeah, this is Amtril, the roy­al jester of an el­ven princess.
I feel the need to ex­plain why he's naked be­cause not every day you see a naked char­ac­ter in my gallery, but I can ex­plain every­thing! You see, there are recre­ation­al places, sort of like spe­cial nud­ist parks where it's for­bid­den to wear clothes in­side those ar­eas. They're called "se­cret gar­dens", so peo­ple can go there to re­lax, can go alone or with spe­cial ones.

No­bles and roy­als of­ten have se­cret gar­dens of their own where on­ly they and their ser­vants can go, and of course the said el­ven princess has one. In fact, she spends a lot of time there with her beloved jester, they would go there every day to have fun, drink some mead, make love not war, etc, etc...

Oh and here's more of Amtril. He's quite the bendy guy, so I think you should be hap­py to see his love­ly butt here, that would nor­mal­ly be squished against his shoul­ders :D

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