Sasa is a vam­pire and he's a dancer at a night club, hav­ing a rather com­pli­cat­ed sto­ry... to put it sim­ply, se­duc­ing bad guys in­to hir­ing him as a pros­ti­tute and even­tu­al­ly he'd ab­sorb their souls be­cause they don't de­serve to stomp on the flow­ers on this plan­et any­more...

Of course in or­der to be so at­trac­tive he's been prac­tic­ing hard to be­come an avid pole dancer and con­tor­tion­ist so that he could eas­i­ly se­duce more of them ug­ly gansters and suck they souls dry ;)

Sasa be­longs to Nazz­ba ©

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