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Sand is usu­al­ly su­per calm like a rest­ing cat, but some­times can rise in­to a sand­storm, danc­ing like there's no to­mor­row XD

Nor­mal­ly Sand is harm­less and even use­ful to peo­ple, for ex­am­ple if you take it home, clean it and man­age to make it su­per hot, you can ac­tu­al­ly turn it in­to some­thing as nice as Glass! *w*

But one should be quite care­ful around the com­bi­na­tions of Sand and Rock be­cause those two to­geth­er make a dan­ger­ous team, spe­cial­ly when Rock is re­al­ly big and has too many treach­er­ous holes, cre­at­ing quick­sand and Sand traps falling on your head in­side caves and block­ing you! Its tight em­brace ac­tu­al­ly can be quite suf­fo­cat­ing.

But by it­self, Sand is the loveli­est, warmest and soft­est thing in the world. But it al­so has a ten­den­cy to get ex­treme­ly hot when ex­posed to the morn­ing sun­light, so that's some­thing to be care­ful about :3

One might think Sand doesn't have an easy life when every­body is step­ping on it, but for Sand it's quite a big fetish to be tram­pled, es­pe­cial­ly by bare feet~

Sand can be soft or rough, de­pend­ing on the size of its grains. If you take some rough Sand home and keep grind­ing it hard every day, it will even­tu­al­ly be­come amaz­ing­ly soft and pleas­ant! And then it can be resold at a much high­er rates! >:3

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