Samael is a stu­dent at the very same de­mon­ic col­lege as Shani, learn­ing to be a pro­fes­sion­al cock-rid­er. Af­ter three years of hard study­ing he learned to ride all kinds of cocks that are spe­cial­ly bred in the col­lege's hen­house, from av­er­age to big in size. The biggest cock he's ever rode was about tha-a-a-aaat size. Those who can ride big cocks prop­er­ly are of­ten hired as pack­age de­liv­ery couri­ers which is a nice job in the open air with a lot of tips and op­por­tu­ni­ties to eas­i­ly ex­tend the client base.

He en­joys be­ing a stu­dent and learn­ing lots of ran­dom things at the col­lege. His most fa­vorite ran­dom sub­ject is un­dress­ing in the form of a dance. As his chore­o­g­ra­ph­er says, any­thing that demons do can eas­i­ly be turned in­to a dance: fly­ing around, tor­ment­ing hu­man souls, go­ing to a toi­let, falling to sleep... So why not learn to take the clothes off beau­ti­ful­ly? Samael has very good marks in that and can take ten min­utes to lose a sim­ple shirt and jeans, while for the au­di­ence it feels like he did it in one breath. That's a good dancer for you!

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