Sacred Dance

Wise men have a say­ing, "jump around or sit still, the Sun will shine re­gard­less" but the tribe of the Sun­ny vil­lage doesn't agree at all. They be­lieve the Sun should be praised in all ways pos­si­ble, and the more you show your love the brighter it will shine. Prob­a­bly the on­ly peo­ple on the plan­et who wor­ship it so much and maybe that's why the Sun is still shin­ing up­on us.

They've no­ticed since the an­cient times that the Sun re­al­ly loves round things, that's why they try to make every­thing very round­ed: their hous­es, their streets, their fur­ni­ture and even their own bod­ies! The most round parts of the body are con­sid­ered its most beau­ti­ful fea­tures: the buttcheeks, the boobs, even the soles, the eyes and some more in­ti­mate parts like the testes XD And what's not round can be round­ed up!
The most spec­tac­u­lar thing is prob­a­bly this "sa­cred dance" where a prop­er­ly trained young­ster bends back­wards til his body makes a round shape. Thus he be­comes a "cir­cle" and it's the main theme of this dance, all oth­er pos­tures be­ing pret­ty much just vari­a­tions of this back­bend...

When­ev­er it's too cloudy and peo­ple need some more of the Sun, the dancer per­forms this dance and the Sun al­ways comes from the clouds to take a peek at it. Of course, there are many ways to at­tract the Sun but here's one of them. So these peo­ple are in very good re­la­tions with their Sun and the weath­er in the Sun­ny vil­lage is al­ways nice! :3

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