Rilly Stretchy

Ril­ly is a boy who en­tered a cir­cus school a few years ago with the in­ten­tion to be­come a con­tor­tion­ist. He's very kind and a sweet­ie, but a lit­tle bit light­head­ed too and has a lot of sil­ly dreams.

He's al­so in­sen­si­tive to pain, prob­a­bly due to some kind of a dis­or­der he got af­ter falling off a ta­ble when he was a ba­by. Which al­so ex­plains his silli­ness. Ei­ther way, he could con­tort since he was a child, even though he didn't know it was an art form. But he was too clum­sy and would of­ten get his body dam­aged with­out even re­al­iz­ing it. Like, his par­ents would of­ten find him sleep­ing in re­al­ly twist­ed pos­es that looked un­healthy but at the same time he wouldn't wake up be­cause he couldn't feel the pain in the first place.

So his par­ents de­cid­ed that the cir­cus school would be the best place for him as it would teach him to con­trol his body bet­ter, so he'd learn to be a con­tor­tion­ist to avoid over­stretch­ing his body by ac­ci­dent. This way he could sleep in his usu­al ab­nor­mal pos­es but with­out hurt­ing him­self.

In his dreams Ril­ly of­ten gains un­nat­ur­al flex­i­bil­i­ty and he loves telling his dad and mom and every­one in his school what kind of things he could do last night while dream­ing. Sad­ly, in re­al­i­ty he's not that flex­i­ble :3 But his train­er says he's still the best con­tor­tion­ist he's seen in his life any­way! No won­der, since Ril­ly can't feel the pain it al­lows his train­er to push him much more than oth­er pupils in the con­tor­tion class, so some­times sweat­ing is the on­ly way to tell where to stop :7

So last night in his dream he fi­nal­ly did "The Swan", the pos­ture where not on­ly he takes the knees all the way be­hind which is al­ready im­pos­si­ble for the hu­man body, but al­so rais­es them above the floor/mat, sort of re­sem­bling the wings of a swan about to fly off a lake's sur­face.

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