Aww, it's been a year that I had this ex­ot­ic broad-shoul­dered slim-waist­ed Na­ga in my mind, and I want­ed to draw him, and there he's fi­nal­ly done :D

The columns of light be­hind him are the Rain­bow Pil­lars that are sup­posed to be the "out­er eyes" of the tem­ple and they let know about the in­trud­ers (the tem­ple peo­ple are kin­da all para­noid like that... guess what kind of im­por­tant man­u­scripts they could be hid­ing O.o).

On Pythonos' neck one could see -if they ever dared to get close enough- the seashell with the pey­ote po­tion which can make him in­vin­ci­ble in the bat­tle (Berserk­er mode of sorts X3).

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