Princes of Pyramidia

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To­day's 2016/6/6, so I want­ed to con­tribute some­thing to the dark side! ^w^

So the Princes of Pyra­midia... What the hell is Pyra­midia? It's the king­dom of the imps, who are weak­lings but they man­aged to find their way in the in­fer­nal world by pleas­ing stronger demons as much as they can. To do so they built sev­er­al pyra­mids, each be­ing a re­sort for var­i­ous types of demons.

Each [s]night club[/s] pyra­mid is head­ed by a Prince who ap­peals the most to a par­tic­u­lar de­mon type. This il­lus­tra­tion de­picts Pyra­midia's cur­rent five princes: Jayel, Ar­cus, Maulrath, Jahi and In­ael.

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