Police brutality

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Po­lice-de­mon us­ing force against a thief in the street.

"That crim­i­nal looked sus­pi­cious. The of­fi­cer was just do­ing his job." The head of the In­fer­nal Gen­darmerie says.

This is just one of the cas­es of ex­treme po­lice bru­tal­i­ty in nowa­days In­fe­ria. Cadets spend sev­er­al years in the In­fer­nal Po­lice Acad­e­my, learn­ing the most in­de­mon­ic in­ter­ro­ga­tion meth­ods and atro­cious ways of deal­ing with their fel­low demons who break the law, cen­tu­ry af­ter cen­tu­ry ef­fec­tive­ly turn­ing In­fe­ria in­to a sec­ond Heav­en, where as we all know, it's im­pos­si­ble to move a fin­ger with­out mak­ing some guardian an­gels as­sume that you're go­ing to com­mit a sin.

Is that the kind of world our great fore­fa­ther Lu­cifer fought for? Or is In­fe­ria falling a vic­tim of an­gel­ic cor­rup­tion? What about our ba­sic rights to com­mit any sin we want? Is this hell or some fuck­ing heav­en? Where did go the Chaos we all know and love?!

With these thoughts we leave our read­ers to­day, hop­ing for the dark­er fu­ture for In­fe­ria. Stay strong, broth­ers, sis­ters and tran­sis­ters, and let no light blind us!

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