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Be­cause of her ide­al body, Pil­low has to work all night, every night, and can on­ly take a rest from the clients dur­ing the day.

There's no sec­ond thing in the world that has slept with more peo­ple than Pil­low, prob­a­bly the on­ly peo­ple who had nev­er ex­pe­ri­enced the Sleep­ing Beau­ty are some as­cetic monks and yo­gins who just so hap­pen to pre­fer beds of nails...

Pil­low is an easy woman, soft, sexy and snug­gly. Well, to whom am I telling this, we all know her way too well, af­ter all, not on­ly she's the best and on­ly part­ner of any lone­ly girl and even some lone­ly boys, but she nev­er mind­ed three­somes, or bet­ter say four­somes be­cause it's rare that two peo­ple use on­ly one Pil­low... 9.9

In the past, Pil­lows used to be the priv­i­lege of the no­bil­i­ty and were gen­er­al­ly ex­tra soft and cur­va­cious. Nowa­days, Pil­lows have the ten­den­cy to get thin­ner, more toned, as well as learn the masseur's skills.

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