Based on Pier­rot who was the sad clown and sort of a pas­sive and in­se­cure scape­goat in the orig­i­nal Ital­ian sto­ry he's from :3

The ac­ro­bat­ic pose and the shy at­tempt at smil­ing made him look over­ly self-con­fi­dent here though, prob­a­bly re­al­ly out of the char­ac­ter ^_^;; He's nor­mal­ly sup­posed to be just a de­pressed "whip­ping boy", but maybe among all the suf­fer­ing that life brings, con­tor­tion is some­thing that can, of course, be painful but al­so makes his day brighter at the same time XD;;

A scan of Japan­ese washi pa­per was used for the pat­tern in the back­ground.

Ac­tu­al­ly I got­ta say it's A LOT of fun try­ing to imag­ine fa­mous char­ac­ters as hav­ing se­cret con­tor­tion tal­ents, so it might even make a good se­ries! I'm to­tal­ly sure I'll keep them com­ing. So far I got Cam­my, Link, Guy­brush, In­uyasha and Mowgli ^_^

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