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Peas­ants are the rea­son why every­one has a mel­on or two in the house, as well as hot-buns, hon­ey pots and oth­er yum­my stuff. Not to men­tion wool that makes such won­der­ful soft beds!

They live and work on farms and ranch­es in the coun­try­side. Much in­spired by their fel­low do­mes­tic an­i­mals, peas­ants pre­fer their nat­ur­al birth­suits over any type of clothes. They're not at all shy of naked bod­ies and treat their own and each oth­er's bod­ies with a lot of love and care. Be­sides, all an­i­mals are gen­er­al­ly a lot friend­lier when they can smell the hu­man skin.

Be­ing so close with the an­i­mals, they re­al­ize that they're not dif­fer­ent from them at all, but of course hors­es are hors­es, cats are cats and hu­mans are hu­mans, every an­i­mal is good for some­thing spe­cial that oth­er an­i­mals can't do, in par­tic­u­lar the hu­man bod­ies are spe­cial­ly good for danc­ing, body­build­ing, waist-cinch­ing and con­tor­tion­ism, so all these prac­tices are very pop­u­lar among peas­ants. In the spare time, course :3

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