Othello - Part 2

All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. Ladies and gentlemaids, here be the 2nd part of the play of William, praise be on him, Shakespeare!

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Othello - Part 1
Othello: Down, strumpet!

Desmond: Cinch me to-morrow: let me breathe to-night!

Othello: Nay, if you strive--

Desmond: But half an hour!

Othello: Being done, there is no pause.

Desmond: But just a short warm-up first!

Othello: 'Tis too late.

Desmond: Ah!... just how much strength...
Do you... have in those mighty arms of yours!

Othello: You'll see, 'ho, you'll learn way too soon!

Desmond: Oh poor lil' waist of mine! Do you intend
To shrink it to the chine bone...

Othello: Why, yes. If that would teach you
How to not give away my gifts.

Desmond: But that waistlet,
It looked so good on Cassio, it fit him better
But for me it was too small...

Othello: That's cuz you're a lazy bum
But I shall train you hard and then
You'll wear my gift,
I took it back from Cassio.

Desmond: Oh no! Did you hurt the boy?

Othello: How could I, he was way too sweet.
But I fear so, his bottom might now hurt a bit.

Desmond: Ow, you should've punish'd me instead,
Not poor lil' Cassio...

Othello: I'm up to it.

Desmond: Yes, I forgot. I'm taking too much pleasure
From this punishment.

Othello: My fault, I shall tug harder now.

Desmond: HELL YES!....
I mean to say... OH NOES!!

Othello: Can you still talk? And now?

Desmond: Ah... all... most... can't...
But... now I need to kiss... so badly...

Othello: You quickly learn.

Desmond: Your mastery is great...

(Making out passionately, while Othello fixes the silky ribbon for good around Desmond's waist with a few tight knots, then mercilessly pushes him down to bed, admiring the bare skin of Desmond's fully constricted waist, his lovely popping rib cage and tight, rounded up tummy...)

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