Origami Boy

Lit­tle by lit­tle, every so­ci­ety is pro­gress­ing in ac­knowl­edg­ing its own abil­i­ties and so a spe­cial in­sti­tute was open with the sole pur­pose to re­search the phe­nom­e­non of "con­tor­tion­ism".

The best per­form­ers from all over the world sign high bud­get con­tracts to work as "lab rats" for a year or two, un­til their bod­ies are thor­ough­ly stud­ied. Af­ter sev­er­al decades the in­sti­tute starts grow­ing up their own "lab rats" by sign­ing con­tracts with par­ents to be able to test var­i­ous con­tor­tion train­ing meth­ods on their chil­dren since in­fan­cy.

The sci­en­tif­ic ap­proach gives amaz­ing re­sults and many meth­ods are dis­cov­ered that one can use to reach ex­treme flex­i­bil­i­ty pain­less­ly, with­out any sort of me­dieval tor­tures, us­ing the most mod­ern de­vices and ap­proach­es. And since it's Japan we're talk­ing about, all these de­vices look su­per cool and there are tons of ani­me and man­ga ded­i­cat­ed to the present and fu­ture of this equip­ment and con­tor­tion in gen­er­al.

Con­tor­tion is now in­ject­ed in­to all gen­res of man­ga, from dystopias and mag­ic worlds to de­tec­tive sto­ries and so­cial dra­mas, but... let's not get off top­ic here XD

The train­ing de­vices be­come ca­pa­ble of mon­i­tor­ing all bod­i­ly func­tions, thus mak­ing the train­ing very in­di­vid­ual. Every trainee has a spe­cial in­ter­net ac­count where all his pa­ra­me­ters are stored, so he can just log in to any train­ing de­vice in the gym and it will au­to­mat­i­cal­ly pro­ceed with the most ef­fec­tive rou­tine.

The sci­en­tif­ic proof that ex­treme stretch­ing can be pain­less and healthy for the body makes con­tor­tion so wide­ly ac­cept­ed in the world that it be­comes one of the most pop­u­lar forms of art, along with mu­sic or dance.

Here we can see a boy from the con­tor­tion stu­dio "Origa­mi". This is the stu­dio that be­longs to the afore­men­tioned in­sti­tude and its chil­dren have the ac­cess to all the lat­est in­ven­tions. The name Origa­mi was cho­sen af­ter the art of fold­ing a sim­ple sheet of pa­per in such a way that it forms var­i­ous beau­ti­ful fig­ures, all with­out the help of scis­sors or glue. Much like con­tor­tion is the art of mak­ing beau­ti­ful forms with noth­ing but the body it­self!

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