One Blood

Mowgli learned to em­u­late many an­i­mals try­ing to find his true iden­ti­ty, un­til he met Kaa to dis­cov­er who he re­al­ly was... a python! XD

So, from many lengthy con­vos with Bagheera, Kaa found out that hoomans can be made bendy like snakes and since Bagheera was in a harem be­fore he ran off to the jun­gle, he of­ten saw dancers hold­ing pos­tures that ex­ceed­ed the pan­ther's own cat-like flex­i­bil­i­ty in so many ways!

Kaa was more than sur­prised to con­sid­er he might have some­thing in com­mon with hu­mans but as an old wise python he want­ed live proof so he'd of­ten wise­ly stretch and hold the young man-cub for a while which Mowgli saw as part of their usu­al strug­gle with­out even re­al­iz­ing his body's in­deed slow­ly get­ting to the point where he can pre­cise­ly repli­cate python's coils.

"Told you", Bagheera grinned. The wise python nod­ded and of­fi­cial­ly pro­claimed Mowgli a snake broth­er, which in turn opened the door to learn­ing many things that Kaa re­served for his snake stu­dents on­ly... <3

I al­ways want­ed to mix hu­man and snake flex­i­bil­i­ty some­how in one pic­ture and seems like I fi­nal­ly found the right char­ac­ters for this idea! :D By the way, this fa­nart is NOT based on Walt Dis­ney's in­ter­pre­ta­tion but on the orig­i­nal book by Rud­yard Kipling.

Al­so, I fore­see ques­tions about Mowgli's added loin­cloth here, well, that place in the book was edit­ed lat­er but in the first edi­tion be­side The King's Ankus, Mowgli al­so finds The Queen's Panties *gig­gle* <3

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