Once upon a time

Once up­on a time there was an old man. He lived in a seashore vil­lage named Foldale, in a large wood­en tav­ern of which he was the own­er and the keep­er, and he had a hand­some son who helped him around this tav­ern that he ran. The boy served the cus­tomers, bring­ing them beer and snacks, but he was al­so a very mis­chie­vous boy and gave his dad a lot of headache. In the end, the old man got en­raged at his be­hav­ior and pun­ished the boy by mak­ing him wear a girl's dress for a week.

As he thought that em­barassed the young man im­mense­ly, hav­ing to serve the clients in such an at­tire. It con­tin­ued day by day for a whole week and even­tu­al­ly the old man sat down to count the in­come and dis­cov­ered that it al­most tripled dur­ing this last week. He knew it was be­cause of the dress, of course a young maid­en made the tav­ern so pop­u­lar, but it had to end to­mor­row as the pun­ish­ment was over. A greedy man that he was, he got very very sad.

At the very same time, his son was sit­ting on the bed in his room, count­ing all the tips he got last week. He nev­er got any tips be­fore and now all of a sud­den he had so much of his very own mon­ey. Just what kind of mag­ic was that? Was that just be­cause of the dress, he won­dered. He got so used to this beau­ti­ful, soft and com­fort­able dress dur­ing the week, even his move­ments be­came so del­i­cate and flow­ing, that the thought of get­ting back in­to his boy­ish shirt and pants was hor­ri­fy­ing him. The pun­ish­ment turned in­to the best week in his en­tire life.

The next day he had to change the clothes back. He passed by his dad say­ing hi, but the old man looked gloomy and didn't re­ply. The young man went be­tween the emp­ty ta­bles. So many clients would be dis­ap­point­ed to­day, he thought. He ran hand by the wall, it went clos­er and clos­er to the dec­o­ra­tive vase stand­ing on a shelf above one of the ta­bles. The boy al­ways liked that vase and it was al­so his dad's fa­vorite, but...

The old man turned his head as he heard a sud­den crack­ing sound. And his face sud­den­ly shone with de­light. He knew what was go­ing to hap­pen.

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