Ocean Breeze

Once up­on a time a young ad­mi­ral, Hans In­ge­wan­den, got cap­tured by a gang of hot fe­male pi­rates led by princess of the seas, Lana Ever­wette her­self. The ad­mi­ral was a brave one and ex­treme­ly ca­pa­ble for his age but the pi­rates were too nu­mer­ous and even­tu­al­ly out­num­bered his boys! Now it was time for the ad­mi­ral him­self to be ad­mired in all kinds of ways by the horny women.

"Just ye look at that, gals," the women checked out the boy's tight hour­glass corset. "No won­der ye didn't have any guts to fight us!" The women, laugh­ing loud­ly, un­did the laces of the corset. "Ex­pen­sive one! What d'ye say, cap?"

"That's mine now," the pi­rate cap­tain grabbed the cinch­er, check­ing out its ex­treme mea­sure­ments. "I'd guess around four­teen inch­es."

In the mean­while, the women held the ad­mi­ral firm­ly, while some mo­lest­ed the pret­ty­boy's sweat­ing ab­domen that was just a minute out of the tight­est corset, still keep­ing the wicked hour­glass shape. "Lit­er­al­ly no guts in this lad, cap! Is that what a man's body sup­posed to look nowa­days?" All of a sud­den the cap­tive re­ceived a firm punch on his low­er bel­ly from the strongest woman, the pow­er­ful blow buried so deep in­to the bel­ly that oth­er girls could swear the fist would go through and show up from the oth­er side!

How­ev­er, strong as it was it hard­ly im­pressed the ad­mi­ral. Af­ter spit­ting sali­va, he grinned wide. "Try hard­er, bitch! It's a ma­jor bel­ly fetish you're gonna deal with here! My Mis­tress tram­ples my bel­ly every day with her high heels and on Sun­days she makes her horse stomp on my bel­ly! She made my body in­vin­ci­ble so your fee­ble fists are noth­ing and your pow­er is far in­fe­ri­or to my Mis­tress's, bitch!"

Now... that was too much! Af­ter ty­ing him to a wood­en stake, the feared pi­rate cap­tain, Lana Ever­wette, asked in her loud voice of a girl who was born in a coun­try­side: "What is yer last wish, scum?"

"Suck my dick, you pi­rate bitch!!" the brave young ad­mi­ral ex­claimed equal­ly loud and clear, even though he was of no­ble blood him­self. But look­ing the pi­rate in the eye, im­me­di­ate­ly wished he hadn't said that... "No!! Stop!" He start­ed wig­gling and strug­gling in vain, but was prop­er­ly tied to the pole. "Re­mem­ber, every­thing in­side these pants is my Mis­tress's prop­er­ty!! Don't you dare lay­ing your filthy, cheap lip­stick-smeared lips on it!!"

Aww, poor fel­la! Some­body come to res­cue him! Or not. Any­ways, here he is, just want­ed to col­or some old line art from 2009! :3

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