Nude Yoga

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"Is it record­ing?"

"Sure thing, sweet­ie."

"Oh my, I can't wait to watch!" Eri­ka wig­gled on the mat.

"We'll watch it right af­ter we're done here," Mary stroked both of the girl's thighs gen­tly, "Now would you please lean on your el­bows and ex­hale, I wan­na give you a lit­tle chal­lenge."


"Eri­ka, you feel so rub­bery to­day... mind if I push your knees all the way to the floor?"


"Here... all the way down. How does it feel?"

"Like a dream."

"Hope not some sort of a night­mare for your spine?"

"Nah... al­though it feels re­al­ly... stretchy."

"No won­der! You're curled up like a snail," Mary laughed.

"Mary?" Eri­ka looked up and her silky hair laid soft­ly on her own crotch.

"Yes?" the woman looked down in her pupil's beau­ti­ful green eyes.

Eri­ka on­ly moved her lips in si­lence: "I love you."

"I know, dear," Mary smiled. "But why... sud­den­ly?"

"Be­cause you made my dream come true... many of them, in fact."

"Oh dear... Con­tor­tion is re­al­ly like oxy­gen for you, isn't it?.. Now I won­der what your next dream pose will be like..."

"Umm... ac­tu­al­ly... I have one in my book­marks, but it looks re­al­ly hard... It's al­so a draw­ing, not a re­al thing, but I so wish I could do that."

"Now I'm in­trigued. I'd hon­est­ly look at the pose that you think is too hard for you."

"You'll see!"

See al­so