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Nop­tra was cre­at­ed by Aldric and it's been a while I want­ed to draw this alien so here he is and al­so in this il­lus­tra­tion he is old­er, just be­cause I felt like try­ing to draw an old­er Nop­tra as an ex­per­i­ment! ^o^

In a for­eign part of the galaxy, called Ori­on, among many plan­ets of dif­fer­ent so­cial func­tions, there was a small plan­et that was most­ly used as a re­sort for Elit Ori­ons. On this plan­et a young alien lived, who was very poor and didn't even have a name, but al­ready worked as a masseur since he had not two but four arms, so his species was known for be­ing able to give won­der­ful mas­sages on the shoul­ders, spine, feet, breasts, syphills, and even more in­ti­mate body parts. The lat­ter type of mas­sage cap­tured the at­ten­tion of an Elit Ori­on, named Ikhal-Lak, who de­cid­ed that he might use such skill­ful hands at home, and so he took the young masseur to his cruis­er.

Ikhal-Lak de­cid­ed to name this lit­tle alien Nop­tra, an ana­gram for Trapon, the four-armed alien's moth­er plan­et. Nop­tra was very hap­py to be tak­en care by this Elit Ori­on all of a sud­den. He was now hav­ing a great and peace­ful life be­cause he on­ly had to mas­sage Ikhal-Lak and no longer had to deal with var­i­ous weird alien species, sticky, stingy, corut­tle and oth­er­wise odd.

Nop­tra was so grate­ful that he de­cid­ed to share with his sav­ior some se­cret pas­sions, in par­tic­u­lar for the con­tor­tion art, and man­aged to great­ly sur­prise the Elit Ori­on with the flex­i­bil­i­ty of his spinal col­umn, limbs and bream­lochs. So much, in fact, that Ikhal-Lak be­gan to use Nop­tra more and more of­ten as a sex­u­al part­ner, which great­ly pleased Nop­tra who al­ways ex­pe­ri­enced a high de­gree of com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with Ikhal-Lak's body.

Spe­cial­ly when Ikhal-Lak's bumpler dictimped right in­to the freen­suls of Nop­tra's scricter, his shrings fleemered so toural­ly that even his lit­tle cor­ric pec­tious­ly pro­cut­ed and rev­el­oped through his un­prode ju­re­gion. Af­ter the frey­ful mex­ing they'd of­ten splung over, com­plete­ly ax­o­lat­ed and remacrissed, and these eman­na­na­tions could specle for ar­ills, as long as Ikhal-Lak's graterte pal­men­nals kept sc­is­f­ing in­side Nop­tra's biopen un­serus. And they could do it all fuck­ing night!

Many years passed and Nop­tra ma­tured a lot, his bridons hard­ened and his tropi­anic ex­ters much elon­gat­ed, but Ikhal-Lak nev­er tried to re­place him with some­one younger. Even though his Elit sta­tus al­lowed him to choose any part­ner he ever want­ed, he pre­ferred to spend most of his time with his fa­vorite part­ner, friend and life's com­pan­ion. Nop­tra him­self had pol­ished his Lingam and Nu­ru tech­niques to per­fec­tion and be­came one of the great­est masseurs, though Ikhal-Lak was the on­ly one who had the priv­i­lege to use his skills.

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