Nin­jas are a very spe­cial kind of mar­tial artists who orig­i­nal­ly de­rived from the Soft Bone Kung Fu but took its flex­i­bil­i­ty lev­els even fur­ther, spic­ing it up with the art of dis­guise.

Their main spe­cial­ty is es­pi­onage, so they com­mon­ly mas­quer­ade as flex­i­ble ac­ro­bats, which is a pop­u­lar form of en­ter­tain­ment to buy an easy tick­et in­to al­most any no­ble's or mer­chant's or politi­cian's house, thanks to the aes­thet­ic val­ues of ex­treme body-bend­ing.

The small­er Asian frames of these flex­i­ble nin­jas al­low them to trans­form their bod­is to pack in­to al­most any im­pos­si­ble con­tain­er or ven­ti­la­tion sys­tem and sit in there for hours, thanks to their su­per en­durance.

Be­sides, ac­ro­bat­ic skills them­selves can prove use­ful in com­bat as well, so no skills are ever wast­ed, so we can think of Nin­jut­su as the dark and stealthy ver­sion of Kung Fu :3

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