Nighttime Birds

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"Why cre­ate a work of art... when dream­ing about it is so much sweet­er?"
- Pier Pao­lo Pa­soli­ni "Il De­cameron"

I must thank Co­moe­dus for notic­ing some­thing in one of my works that I haven't seen my­self, that the back­ground in that work looked as if the char­ac­ter was de­tached from re­al­i­ty. My re­al rea­son was that I want­ed to do some­thing artis­tic or ab­stract with the back­ground in­stead of get­ting out of my skin to draw a re­al­is­tic one, nei­ther did I want a flat one so I did some­thing ab­stract, but it wasn't just an artis­tic de­sign around the char­ac­ter but was an ac­tu­al sur­round­ing that looked kin­da like an­oth­er di­men­sion of sorts.

So when I re­al­ized what I ac­tu­al­ly did there, a whole new world sud­den­ly opened in front of me. In­stead of tor­tur­ing my­self to draw re­al­is­tic back­grounds, I could ac­tu­al­ly put my char­ac­ters in­side their own dreams or al­tered states! Not on­ly it fits con­tor­tion and oth­er strange things I like to draw, but it means I'm free to do prac­ti­cal­ly any­thing at all. Such a whole new play­ground!

I want­ed to cel­e­brate it with an­oth­er il­lus­tra­tion I just fin­ished, which made no sense to me at the time of draw­ing but now it just makes per­fect sense. It ac­tu­al­ly sur­pris­es me so much that be­ing a big fan of Cas­tane­da I nev­er thought about draw­ing char­ac­ters dream­ing or dwelling in al­tered states of mind, un­til I saw Co­moe­dus' com­ment!

So I'm re­al­ly hap­py with this, dream-worlds are great, and even more so for con­tor­tion and just about every­thing else I love to draw. The on­ly open ques­tion for me is what to do with sto­ries for such pic­tures, since it's meant to be a dream or an al­tered state of mind, how ex­act­ly to write a sto­ry about it? Hmm. But I guess I'll fig­ure it out even­tu­al­ly... Maybe sto­ries al­so could be a bit in­sane or some­thing, that'd be in­ter­est­ing XD

Any­ways, I hope you en­joy this work! And I'll go right back to dream­ing XD

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