Natalya Petrescu

Na­talya was one of the pupils of Al­bert & Fiona Di­et­rich, the amaz­ing con­tor­tion duo who per­formed in Cana­da in the 19th cen­tu­ry, dur­ing their teen years, and be­came teach­ers of con­tor­tion lat­er, af­ter their re­tire­ment from the cir­cus are­na:

Na­talya's par­ents were im­mi­grants from Ro­ma­nia and she start­ed tak­ing con­tor­tion lessons from the Di­et­rich twins since the age of 11 to dis­cov­er a great tal­ent hid­den with­in her body. Un­like most of oth­er pupils who want­ed to learn fold­ing their spines back­wards un­til it couldn't go any fur­ther, Na­talya ac­tu­al­ly en­joyed front­bend­ing the most.

It was kind of un­usu­al as front­bend­ing was most­ly demon­strat­ed by men at the time and was con­sid­ered kind of "man­ly". But Na­talya proved that front­bend­ing has a very grace­ful, fem­i­nine side, too, and left a great ex­am­ple for the girls of the fu­ture of how soft and sooth­ing fe­male front­bend­ing can be, while at the same time demon­strat­ing the most un­be­liev­able mir­a­cles of body stretch­ing.

Na­talya was ac­tive­ly per­form­ing for over twelve years since her very first per­for­mance at the age of 13. Her fans re­al­ly en­joyed fol­low­ing her trans­for­ma­tion from a lit­tle prodi­gy girl in­to an im­pos­si­bly flex­i­ble beau­ty.

The last men­tion of her in a news­pa­per was about her hap­py mar­riage and re­tire­ment from of­fi­cial per­for­mances. An­swer­ing one of the ques­tions in her fi­nal in­ter­view, she said that it wasn't be­cause her hus­band was jeal­ous but be­cause she was preg­nant and she couldn't wait to have a ba­by. When the jour­nal­ist asked if she planned her chil­dren to al­so be­come con­tor­tion­ists, Na­talya said that it would be their own choice, but if they want­ed to, she'd be hap­py to per­son­al­ly help them to be­come the best con­tor­tion­ists in the world.

A lot of thanks to Fil­ter-GX for shar­ing the his­tor­i­cal in­for­ma­tion about the Di­et­rich twins and Na­talya!

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