Mu­tants orig­i­nate from Fun­gaard, lucky vic­tims of var­i­ous fan­tas­tic mu­ta­tions that are very com­mon in its mu­tage­nous forests but not to be found any­where else in the world. Med­ical re­search­es usu­al­ly link these mu­ta­tions to mush­rooms that tend to al­ter even ma­tured in­di­vid­u­als who stay in Fun­gaard for too long.

In new­borns, how­ev­er, the mu­ta­tions can go even fur­ther and af­fect the growth of the foe­tus, some of them grow with­out spines, with­out arms, or re­duced to just a pair of legs and a head. Twin em­bryos may blend to­geth­er to form ex­tra limbs and some­times even an ex­tra head!

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