Mush­rooms are spawns of queen Mycelia, a gi­ant crea­ture that stretch­es over the en­tire king­dom of Fun­gaard and can spawn her mush­rooms any­where. Mush­rooms are gen­er­al­ly used to milk Mycelia's "cows", the witch­es, as well as un­car­e­ful trav­el­ers who were trapped and turned in­to the queen's pets.

Con­tact­ing the mush­rooms caus­es all sorts of mu­ta­tions and al­ters the body in weird ways, but over cen­turies the witch­es have thor­ough­ly re­searched all the ef­fects and to­day their knowl­edge al­lows them to have con­trolled mu­ta­tions, on­ly get­ting the sexy and use­ful changes. Thus mush­rooms and witch­es have learned to per­fect­ly co-ex­ist.

To ran­dom, in­ex­pe­ri­enced trav­el­ers mush­rooms can be most dan­ger­ous as they're very cun­ning in the art of se­duc­tion and can take most ir­re­sistible shapes, but once they lay their hands on you, they will turn you in­to Mycelia's pet, al­ter­ing your body be­yond recog­ni­tion.

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