All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. Mushrooms are spawns of queen Mycelia, a giant creature that stretches over the entire kingdom of Fungaard and can spawn her mushrooms anywhere. Mushrooms are generally used to milk Mycelia's "cows", the witches, as well as uncareful travelers who were trapped and turned into the queen's pets.

Contacting the mushrooms causes all sorts of mutations and alters the body in weird ways, but over centuries the witches have thoroughly researched all the effects and today their knowledge allows them to have controlled mutations, only getting the sexy and useful changes. Thus mushrooms and witches have learned to perfectly co-exist.

To random, inexperienced travelers mushrooms can be most dangerous as they're very cunning in the art of seduction and can take most irresistible shapes, but once they lay their hands on you, they will turn you into Mycelia's pet, altering your body beyond recognition.

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