MLP Human Rarity

Ex­act­ly what the ti­tle says, Rar­i­ty from My Lit­tle Pony, in the hu­man shape! :3

I watched some MLP last year and ac­tu­al­ly liked it, I watched about 8 episodes of the first sea­son and thought it was such a cute show for kids, but then I ran in­to such an awe­some demon­stra­tion of ha­tred from lit­er­al­ly all of my friends to­ward that show, I didn't ex­pect peo­ple could be such killjoys about what seemed like a nice and for once re­lax­ing car­toon ._.

Any­way, there was sup­posed to be 5 more char­ac­ters but... well, thought I'd at least share what I did with Rar­i­ty :)

See al­so

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