Mister Twister and the Imps

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A con­tor­tion quin­tet from the sand­lands of Pyra­midia! ^^

I'm still not sure who are more flex­i­ble, imps or elves... Elves are born with nat­u­ral­ly flex­i­ble bod­ies but they're cry­ba­bies when it comes to dif­fi­cult train­ing and rarely push them­selves be­yond their nat­ur­al bend­ing range. Imps, on the oth­er hand, love pain, sweat and hard work, so even though they're not born with the abil­i­ty to fold like a tow­elie, but through hard work they can get there, say hel­lo to the elves, and then go even fur­ther!

Alas, imps stick to the desert and don't like oth­er cli­mates, so it may be quite ex­pen­sive to trav­el all the way to de­mon cities just to watch the show. Where­as el­ven shows are re­al­ly cheap, can be eas­i­ly seen in every city and of­fer al­most the same tricks. Af­ter all, elves can bend most nat­u­ral­ly and the gen­er­al pub­lic would al­ways pre­fer watch­ing con­tor­tions that don't in­volve a painful train­ing and just show off the nat­ur­al el­ven beau­ty.

But a true con­tor­tion gourmet would al­ways pre­fer the imps. First, it's some re­al flex­i­bil­i­ty achieved through a lot of sweat, not just some in­born abil­i­ty. Sec­ond, imps pos­sess an ex­cep­tion­al en­durance that al­lows them to learn tricks that not even elves can do, like the one shown in the pic­ture for ex­am­ple.

But even tho the trav­el is far and ex­pen­sive, it's to­tal­ly worth it! Imps are re­al­ly friend­ly to tourists, they're great sat­is­fiers, ca­pa­ble of many ex­ot­ic and erot­ic things, and have a very high ra­tio of hook­ers per square mile.

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