Merry Christmas & HNY!!

Mer­ry Christ­mas and a Hap­py New Year!! Let's all tight­en our belts for 2016 *O* (on­ly in sexy aes­thet­ic ways, of course!! :3)

This is the back­stage of a lit­tle Christ­mas con­cert at An­drzej's school that he and his class­mates or­ga­nized for their par­ents and teach­ers. Now it's the Jug­gler Elf's time to show off how many balls he can han­dle at once. Next is the beau­ti­ful and fit Can­can Deer (who odd­ly re­minds of a young Eri­ka but let's not get dis­tract­ed). And then fi­nal­ly An­drzej's turn. Af­ter An­drzej we'll have the Waspy Bard, he will sing a charm­ing Christ­mas song in a mi­cro­phone, while every­body in the au­di­ence will be star­ing on­ly at his im­pos­si­ble corset.

Ac­tu­al­ly it's a fairy­tale and it has a plot: An­drzej plays a black cat who has no tail and in the end San­ta gives him a nice long one be­cause An­drze­jek more than de­serves it! :D

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