Merry Antichristmas

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Since Je­sus is a "fight­er against sins", I be­gan won­der­ing who in hell is cre­at­ing all these sins in the first place? So why not An­tichrist! The in­fer­nal de­sign­er whose main purrpose is to in­vent all the sins in the world for the peo­ple to en­joy and be pun­ished by The-One-Who-Doesn't-Ex­ist af­ter­wards! ^o^

So, much like Je­sus is the son of God, An­tichrist is the di­rect son of Lu­cifer! And as men­tioned, his main goal is to in­vent sins... Not the dumb and ug­ly sins like mur­der, theft, rape and so on, those can be done by hu­mans' prim­i­tive brains with­out any help from the Dev­il...

An­tichrist takes care of the more per­vert­ed side of sins: he is the in­ven­tor of erot­ic ones. Every­thing there is in the world that is un­nat­ur­al, that the Cre­ator couldn't even think that it could be done with the hu­man body He cre­at­ed, and yet many hu­mans are com­plete­ly ob­sessed with do­ing these things with their bod­ies!

Anal sex, blowjobs, corsetry, pierc­ings, tat­toos, sex toys, con­tor­tion­ism, cross dress­ing, and every­thing else that hu­mans wouldn't nor­mal­ly do with­out the Dev­il mak­ing them do it... X3

As much as An­ti loves to test all his in­ven­tions by him­self, he al­so leads teh whole dev­il­ish in­sti­tu­tion called Sa­tan­ic In­sti­tute of Naugh­ti­ness (SIN for short). There stu­dents help around with all kinds of sin­ful ex­per­i­ments! Of course, much like in any sci­ence, ab­solute­ly new in­ven­tions are very rare... but much like in every sci­ence, prac­tice with­in ex­ist­ing fields leads to many small dis­cov­er­ies! :3

To­day, there are so many per­vy things in the world that were in­vent­ed by this guy that it al­most hurts to think of every­thing or find a per­son who doesn't prac­tice at least one of them. And there will be even more in the fu­ture, so Je­sus and his faith-full sheep will nev­er need to lose their jobs due to the lack of sins in the world... XD

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