Ruled by Alphea, Mer­po­lis is the un­der­wa­ter city with­in the in­land sea called the Rear Gulf. It is carved from the moun­tains of white stone and rich­ly dec­o­rat­ed by the artis­tic mer­maids. It prob­a­bly has more art and dec­o­ra­tions than the rest of the world put to­geth­er: it's lit­er­al­ly filled with sculp­tures made of white stone, which is the main ma­te­r­i­al for sculpt­ing un­der the sea. Every home is a beau­ti­ful­ly dec­o­rat­ed cave, carved in­to the un­der­wa­ter moun­tains of white stone.

Un­der­wa­ter tourism is some­thing that's avail­able in Mer­po­lis thanks to the spe­cial breath­ing gum, mak­ing it pos­si­ble to vis­it the city for crea­tures that walk on land. The city it­self is built in very shal­low wa­ters, so that who­ev­er is out of their breath­ing gum can eas­i­ly swim up to the sur­face to re­fill it. There's a lot of ar­eas that are so very close to the sur­face that they can be used as pools for both the two-legged and the mer­maids to play in to­geth­er.

But Mer­po­lis does al­so have a deep­er lev­el, where the Tem­ple of Pisces can be found. This lev­el is too deep for the two-legged to reach, but it has its very own mirac­u­lous crea­tures who al­so don't feel com­fort­able in the shal­low wa­ters. Be­cause of this, the mer­maids try to de­pict the deep ones in their art to let the two-legged know what these crea­tures look like, how they live and what kind of hob­bies they have. The bod­ies of the deep ones are very soft, able to con­form to the great un­der­wa­ter pres­sure, and their limbs of­ten reach the state of ten­ta­cles in their soft­ness and shapes. They have jel­ly-like skin and soft­er, slug­gish fea­tures.

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