Mermen's Oil

Mer­men's Oil is a spe­cial oil avail­able from Mer­boro and made from a cer­tain sub­stance found on­ly in the deep­est wa­ters where on­ly spe­cial­ly trained mer­boys can reach. This oil is the source of Mer­men's flu­id­i­ty and grace, it al­lows the body to curve and flex in ways a per­son nor­mal­ly can't, and even gives their bod­ies the gleam of a mer­man's skin.

That's why it's so ex­pen­sive but al­so very much ad­mired in the world by every­one, much like oth­er beau­ti­ful rare things like gold, gems and so on. Mer­men's Oil is one of these pre­cious and rare things and so on­ly very spe­cial dancers some­times per­form with their bod­ies oiled and it is con­sid­ered a spe­cial event that is al­ways an­nounced be­fore­hands so that many peo­ple could come to watch.

Ar­il was giv­en a pot of Mer­men's Oil for his birth­day by his vil­lage's el­der and it was the most pre­cious and beau­ti­ful gift that Ar­il had re­ceived so far in his life. His eyes were shiny with hap­pi­ness all day and he out­did him­self danc­ing in front of the whole vil­lage's eyes.

Thanks so much to Jun­gle-Per­ils for sug­gest­ing the very nice idea about the ad­di­tion­al ef­fects of this oil!! :>

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