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Mel­on is a per­fect dessert food, a lot health­i­er than cakes. It's so yum­my and wet that you might for­get what the hell you're eat­ing...

Spe­cial­ly be­cause of these em­bar­rass­ing suck­ing sounds, but just can't stop be­cause it's so de­li­cious XD

The biggest and yum­mi­est Mel­ons grow in­side soils con­tain­ing a lot of Sand. Sand loves young Mel­ons and takes a great care of them, keep­ing them soft and wet... that per­vert.

Mel­ons en­joy be­ing pen­e­trat­ed and sliced by sharp Steel, some­times you can al­most hear an 'AH!' sound when get­ting the Steel deep in­to a vir­gin Mel­on. Okay, that starts get­ting weird, so I think I'll cut it here... XD

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