Maya's Tricks

In the dis­tant fu­ture, the mankind learned to use su­per­com­put­ers to im­prove their econ­o­my and even health. Fol­low­ing the en­gi­neers' re­quests to find a for­mu­la for bet­ter health, the com­put­ers cal­cu­lat­ed that con­tor­tion is very ben­e­fi­cial for the hu­man body and de­vel­oped the train­ing pro­grams that in­volved con­tor­tion ther­a­py and could be used to grow very healthy and fit chil­dren.

For these chil­dren the pre­vi­ous­ly com­mon prob­lems such as headaches, tired­ness and stress would no longer ex­ist. Con­tor­tion moved from cir­cus­es to reg­u­lar school gyms and hav­ing a beau­ti­ful, fit and flex­i­ble body was no longer un­com­mon.

Here we can see Maya who is a reg­u­lar col­lege stu­dent ^^ She's al­ways spe­cial­ly loved front­bends be­cause they're so warm and re­lax­ing, the spine feels very re­freshed af­ter these ex­er­cis­es and the body feels so good you just want to jump around and dance ^-^

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