Matthew in Oblivion

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It's nev­er too late to re-play The El­der Scrolls IV: Obliv­ion again! XD

This time, af­ter 7 years since my last play, I at­tempt­ed to record and ed­it my first video to learn some­thing new! :3 Annnd since Obliv­ion used to be my fa­vorite game, it's jaw­drop­ping to see how much peo­ple im­proved it on their own over the years o.o

Any­ways, I used Bandicam for record­ing and Won­der­share Video Ed­i­tor for edit­ing.

En­joy!! :3


I'd have noth­ing to do here with­out these Obliv­ion mods:

77 Umpa An­i­ma­tion - all the beau­ti­ful dances!!
A Tweaked ENB - en­ables great graph­ics & shaders
Bet­ter Cities - adds many kegs around cities XD
Cloth­ing Free­dom - put skirts on boys
Male­BodyRe­plac­erV4 - a pret­ti­er male tor­so
Pret­ty Woman - al­so works for con­fused males


If you want to lis­ten to the full mu­sics:

0:00 Hot Sen­sa­tion­al Ara­bic Mu­sic Bel­ly Dance
0:27 Deep House Mix 16 2015 - Best New Deep & House Mu­sic Mix
1:53 Won­der­ful Na­tive Amer­i­can In­di­ans, Shaman­ic Spir­i­tu­al Mu­sic
2:41 In­ga Pe­ter­mann Trib­al Prague 2012
3:43 dis­sect­ing ta­ble - nat­u­ral­ism
4:16 En­nio Mor­ri­cone-chi mai
4:33 Folk Se­crets Mu­sic Pro­ject - Vay­ali Bam­boo Band, Ker­ala, In­dia
5:34 Brave New World by Prince

I've ac­tu­al­ly nev­er heard any of these mu­sics be­fore, I just found them ran­dom­ly search­ing for "eth­nic dance mu­sic", "trib­al mu­sic" and so on XD

See al­so