Af­ter spend­ing her child­hood as a rhyth­mic gym­nast as then a cir­cus con­tor­tion­ist, Mary mar­ried ear­ly to a man who ran a com­mer­cial con­tor­tion web­site. She soon be­came his best mod­el and a hap­py young wife, un­til the man sud­den­ly got ob­sessed with an­oth­er flex­i­ble girl...

Af­ter a di­vorce Mary got the house, as her ex moved to a new one. Her dis­ap­point­ment led to an in­ter­est in spir­i­tu­al­i­ty and, af­ter study­ing yo­ga in In­dia, Mary got back and opened a small gym, where she got very close with her stu­dents Eri­ka and Mar­tin.

Soon Mar­tin in­vit­ed the girls to his un­cle Bri­an's es­tate, where they first stayed for a week, then for a month and then just moved there, all of them end­ing up as a four­some :3

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